Abundantly Sensitive

A 6-month group coaching journey for deeply feeling, empathic women who are ready to shed antiquated coping mechanisms, people pleasing and self-sabotage to become the fully empowered, self-advocating, tender hearted, bad bitches they are meant to be ♥


You’re not “too” sensitive.

You’re more sensitive.


You have more emotions, more empathy, more intensity, more wisdom, more integrity and more capacity for joy than most.


Reclaim your sensitivity and make it your greatest strength.



"I am feeling so grateful to be in Abundantly Sensitive and loving the support and group! Grateful for you! "

CD, Indiana

"Tonight was amazing!!! This has been such an amazing gift. It has done sooooo much for me, I truly feel part of something bigger than myself now."

MM, Massachusetts

"Oh my goodness Melissa! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! I appreciate you!"

AJ, New Jersey

"I get so much from your teachings. Your insights and experience have been so helpful. I am so grateful to have been able to participate in this group. I am an honest-to-a-fault type of person, so you know this is not bullshit. Your life's work has been a great benefit to me."

DL, Oklahoma

"Melissa, your insight has been amazing! Thank you for being a guiding light for me."

ML, New Zealand

"Thank you for your enthusiasm, insight and the work you’re doing for all us sensitive people. I love hearing what you have to say about it all. Just great and so helpful."

 JC, Canada

"I’m doing really well and your support and input have been an ESSENTIAL part of that."

KB, New York City

"You’re changing the world! My inner child continues to be blessed by your influences. Your loving presence strengthens my forward momentum. I hope you have a coach in your life as valuable as you are to me!"

BM, Maryland

"I so appreciate the work you do and the tools you teach. Thank you for offering this program. Thank you for sharing your insights and experience."

KB, Arizona

“Thanks so much. You don’t know what it means to have your support on this journey!”

RR, Indiana


✺ You want an alternative to therapy ✺

Maybe therapy isn’t for you. Or you’ve been through therapy and still want more tools that are particularly beneficial for high sensitivity. Perhaps you’re looking for a community of other women to navigate the same growth edges as you, normalize your experiences and witness your assuredness.

What would it mean if you could direct your thoughts and embrace all your feelings?

Freedom. Peace. Bliss.

✺ You are ready to let go of painful thoughts and stories ✺

You deserve to release outdated beliefs about yourself. Now is the time to take the reins of your mind and heart.

Together we will raise our vibrations so you can live in the overflow of all you desire.

You can have an abundance of joy, fulfillment, peace, love, knowing, freedom and bliss.

You can have boundaried relationships that feel mutually respectful and loving.

You will tap into your ability to manifest your heart’s desires and learn how to harness your innate magic.

This is the support you’ve been waiting for to create the life of your dreams.

✺ You are calling in a sensitive sisterhood ✺

You deserve to be held as you expand into your who-you-came-here-to-be.

You will create community with other like-minded spirits from all corners of the Earth who are called to do this work, who feel the inner drive to thrive.

You’ll be fully supported by a tribe of sensitive women as you move through this process and emerge as the most authentic, lit up, whole version of yourself.

There is abundant opportunity to develop deep, long lasting, soul fulfilling friendships through this experience.


I used to hate my emotions and wished I wasn’t so sensitive.

For YEARS it seemed like my emotions were feeling me.

My thoughts were runaway trains.

Old stories played on a loop.

Who I was wasn’t ok, and yet it’s who I was.

I was in a losing battle against myself.

I was turning to weed and wine to relax and unwind, to lubricate social interactions and to distract myself from the anxiety and discomfort I hadn’t yet moved through.

But then I made a really big decision. A decision that required me to be willing to do some of the hardest work of my life. I decided become FULLY present to all my emotions, especially the uncomfortable ones I’d do anything to avoid.

And my life changed.

I discovered I LOVE my emotions.

ALL of my emotions!! Even shame, regret and anger.

I learned to understand the language they speak.

My world changed in the most miraculous ways!

Things I’d dreamed of began manifesting.

I met and married my husband, became a step-mom, bought a house, adopted a puppy and chickens and published a second book.

I also became a certified Reiki practitioner, unearthed and healed old traumas in EMDR therapy and embodied self-regulating practices to take the reins of my nervous system.

I made peace with myself.

I befriended my emotions.

I stepped into my power.

Sometimes growing into who-we’re-meant-to-be comes with criticism and judgement, even from those who claim to love us most. But that’s no reason to hold ourselves back— caring what other people think can be paralyzing and stop us from being our most authentic selves.

In the depths of my soul I know we came to this earth school to move through the discomforts and self-imposed barriers that keep us small.

Are you tired of playing small?

Do you want to live your big, audacious life?

I’m here to love and support you on this journey as you befriend yourself and your emotions.

XO, Melissa


Melissa Schwartz helps Highly Sensitive People master their emotions, set healthy boundaries (within themselves and with others) and embrace their capacity for deep empathy.

She draws on both her extensive professional training and deep personal experience to support highly sensitive families on 6 continents. Melissa is an author, public speaker, transformational coach, co-founder of Leading Edge Parenting and an internationally respected expert in the field of Highly Sensitive Children. She is the co-author of “Authentic Parenting Power” and “Rico the Race Car”.

As three time host for The Shift Network’s “Sensitives, Intuitives and Empaths Summit”, Melissa has taught over 250,000 people how to reparent their inner highly sensitive child, to identify (and heal) their core wounds and why trauma may be more intense for sensitive people than others.

Melissa and her family (including highly sensitive dog, Maggie, and flock of chickens) live in Southern California. She is a Stanford University alumna and a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

This journey is for you if:

⫸ You are a mother (and want to reconnect with yourself, identify as more than ‘mom’ and meet your own needs)


⫸ You are not a mother (and you want to discover your truest self and inner voice)


⫸ You are recently separated/divorced (and want to recalibrate and manifest a new calling)


⫸ You are a business owner (who wants to rediscover herself in the midst of her daily hustle)


⫸ You are a daughter/sister/aunt (who wants support setting boundaries with your earthly family)


⫸ You have been using recreational drugs, alcohol, shopping, social media, or sex to ignore, numb or detach from emotions (and now you are ready to live soberly, fully connected to how you feel)


⫸ You are a woman who wants to shake things up in her life (and bring a few companions on the ride)


⫸ You are a badass (who knows her worth and just wants to be celebrated as she kicks her life into high gear



We’ll meet 2 times each month for a 60-90 minute group call. Sessions are held at 9:00am PT Tuesdays starting April 16.


Each member of Abundantly Sensitive gets a private, 60-minute coaching call with Melissa during the group container. You’re invited to add additional 1:1 coaching sessions during the other months if it feels inspired.


These are the practical, useful building blocks of your empowered life. Each session will introduce new tools that you’ll take out into the field to integrate. We’ll build on them with each session. 


You’ll discover the power of deliberate breath and focused mind. Melissa will lead you through guided visualizations to bring you into deeper connection with yourself.


We are all learning together in this earth school and being seen, held and loved through trial and error is an exceptional way to embrace growth and sustainable change.


This container is dedicated to sensitive women and an optimal environment to grow connection with a sisterhood of empathic souls. 


Our private group is the place to stay connected, share successes and struggles and get coaching between calls. It is only for registered Abundantly Sensitive members.


Your investment for Abundantly Sensitive is $2,999 or $555/month.

Following your initial deposit, your credit card will automatically be billed $555 on the last day of April, May, June, July and August 2024.