for highly sensitive families and adults

I’m Melissa Schwartz and I’ve privately coached thousands of families and HSPs on 6 continents. I’m the co-founder of Leading Edge Parenting and co-author of “Authentic Parenting Power” and “Rico the Race Car: Rico’s Bumpy Week“.

I work directly with parents and their children (starting around age 7) to teach emotional regulation, walk you through creating loving boundaries and effective consequences and bringing calm and peace to your home.

I also work with deeply feeling adults and have taught over 250,000 highly sensitive, empathic adults as 3 time host of The Shift Network’s “Empaths, Sensitives and Intutives Summit”.

It is my deepest joy to help you see sensitivity as a strength so you can confidently and unabashedly live the life of your dreams.


“Melissa, thank you again for your time and all your helpful advice. You helped me see my daughter through new eyes.”

ES, Southern California

"I am feeling so grateful to be in Abundantly Sensitive and loving the support and group! Grateful for you! "

CD, Indiana

“Melissa, so much has been moving forward. Our conversations and your encouragement and heart has been so beneficial to my parenting. Sending you lots of love and appreciation!”

KD, Southern California

“Melissa, I will always be grateful for the way you helped me understand my wonderful, sensitive son. I had a personal awakening.”

WB, New York

“Melissa, thank you SO much!! My daughter and I are doing much better. I am much more aware and understanding of her sensitivity, and have learned to “let go” and trust she makes choices and reacts the way she does for her own survival. After our conversations, I have come to terms more with the fact that what I see with her is merely a sketch of the full portrait of what is to come and to just trust it will be fantastic. My perspective has been changing, and that is the best anyone could ask for. To be open minded and free of anxiety to let her grow to her full potential. Thank you for giving me the confidence to understand that!"

DW, Florida

“Melissa, your insight has been amazing! Thank you for being a guiding light for my husband and for me.”

MP, New Zealand

"I so appreciate the work you do and the tools you teach. Thank you for offering this program. Thank you for sharing your insights and experience."

KB, Arizona

"I get so much from your teachings. Your insights and experience have been so helpful. I am so grateful to have been able to participate in this group. I am an honest-to-a-fault type of person, so you know this is not bullshit. Your life's work has been a great benefit to me."

DL, Oklahoma

"Melissa, your insight has been amazing! Thank you for being a guiding light for me."

ML, New Zealand

"Thank you for your enthusiasm, insight and the work you’re doing for all us sensitive people. I love hearing what you have to say about it all. Just great and so helpful."

 JC, Canada

“Hi Melissa!!! Thanks so much for Sunday! It went much better than I anticipated. My husband was reluctant but he came out with an open mind. My daughter already asked me if she can do meetings with you privately. I’m so glad she likes you, I think it’s probably nice to feel like someone gets her. Thanks again!”

MS,  Southern California

"I’m doing really well and your support and input have been an ESSENTIAL part of that."

KB, New York City

"You’re changing the world! My inner child continues to be blessed by your influences. Your loving presence strengthens my forward momentum. I hope you have a coach in your life as valuable as you are to me!"

BM, Maryland

“Thanks so much. You don’t know what it means to have your support on this journey!”

RR, Indiana

"Oh my goodness Melissa! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! I appreciate you!"

 AJ, New Jersey

"Tonight was amazing!!! This has been such an amazing gift. It has done sooooo much for me, I truly feel part of something bigger than myself now."

 MM, Massachusetts