Better Behavior without Punishment

LIVE: Thursday, June 27th at 12:00pm PT

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    Punishment doesn’t work.

    Think about it…

    Do you feel inspired to change, or do what your spouse says, when they yell at you? Of course not!

    So why do we think punishing our kids will magically result in them behaving better?

    When children are punished they feel:

    • angry
    • confused
    • ashamed
    • untrusting
    • emotional distance
    • mad at their parents
    • …plus, don’t learn to take responsibility for their behavior!

    Punishments feel shitty to our kids and to us, too!

    Many parents tell me that if they don’t punish their kids, they are sending the message that the misbehavior is okay.

    But there is a better way.

    It’s possible to hold children (from toddlers to teens!) responsible for their behavior, teach them how to make wiser choices in the future AND build trust and connection— best part, no one has to feel angry, ashamed or bad about themselves!

    Hi! I’m Melissa Schwartz, coach for highly sensitive families and co-author of “Authentic Parenting Power” and “Rico the Race Car“. Join me for this free masterclass to discover effective, compassionate strategies to guide your children without punishment. It’s possible for you and your children to have a relationship built on empathy and mutual respect without letting them off the hook for bad behavior.

    I’m going to be super generous and give you the same level of coaching that my paying clients get, LIVE on this call, so you can make your way toward the amazing results they’re having.


    ꩜ You are are tired of yelling at your kids, constantly negotiating with them or find yourself making threats only to backtrack when your kids protest or cry.

    ꩜ Your default discipline is to take away your child’s iPad and/or phone because nothing else seems to work (and even that doesn’t really work…)

    ꩜ You wish your kids would listen but even when you shout they seem to tune you out or do the opposite of what you’ve asked.

    ꩜ You are exhausted from the constant arguments with your kids (and spouse) and feel like you’ve tried it all… but nothing seems to work.

    ꩜ You are worried that your child’s disrespect will turn into more concerning behavior as they get older and know you need to “nip it in the bud” now!

    Reserve your FREE seat by entering your first name and email below:

      A video replay will be emailed to everyone who pre-registers.


      “Melissa, thank you again for your time and all your helpful advice. You helped me see my daughter through new eyes.”

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      “Melissa, so much has been moving forward. Our conversations and your encouragement and heart has been so beneficial to my parenting. Sending you lots of love and appreciation!”

      KD, Southern California

      “Melissa, I will always be grateful for the way you helped me understand my wonderful, sensitive son. I had a personal awakening.”

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      "I so appreciate the work you do and the tools you teach. Thank you for offering this program. Thank you for sharing your insights and experience."

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      "I get so much from your teachings. Your insights and experience have been so helpful. Your life's work has been a great benefit to me."

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      "Thank you for your enthusiasm, insight and the work you’re doing for all us sensitive people. I love hearing what you have to say about it all. Just great and so helpful."

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      "I’m doing really well and your support and input have been an ESSENTIAL part of that."

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      "You’re changing the world! My inner child continues to be blessed by your influences. Your loving presence strengthens my forward momentum. I hope you have a coach in your life as valuable as you are to me!"

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      "Oh my goodness Melissa! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! I appreciate you!"

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